Clutch Effects Systems Operations and Support

On this page we will review:

* How to Operate the Clutch Effects Arcade Systems

* How to Create an Account

* How to Add Play Credits

* How/Where you can redeem the Tickets that you've earned, and

* How you can reach us for support!

How to Operate Clutch Effects Arcade Systems

We have invested in smart technology to make Clutch Effects Arcade Systems extremely easy to operate. In most cases all that you need to do is insert your cash into a kiosk, retrieve your Play Card, swipe your card against the reader where the game is located, and then play! Tickets are always tracked by our system, so any Tickets that you earn will be added and saved to your Play Card. Follow the link below to view this process step by step.

Purchasing a Play Card and Playing Our Games

How to Create an Account

Creating an account to keep track of your Play Credits, and Tickets is easy! For this you will need to download the Tigapo App, and create an account. Once you've created the account, you can add a card to that account. The greatest benefit of creating an account is no more cards for you to manage!

The second greatest thing about creating an account is being able to add credits to each card that you have in your possession.

Follow the link below to review how to Create an Account!

Creating an Account

How to Add Play Credits

Adding Play Credits can be done on our Digital Kiosks, or via the Tigapo App after you've created an account. The benefit to creating an account is that you will likely never lose the Play Credits that you've paid for, and that you'll likely never lose the Tickets that you've earned. In addition, we offer notify account owners directly whenever we are running promotions for account owners!

Follow the link below to review how to add Play Credits!

Adding Play Credits

How to Redeem your Tickets

Whether you have created an account, or if you just have a large number of cards with Tickets, redemption has never been easier!

Currently we offer 2 ways to redeem Tickets, and both of them are located at the Viejas Outlet Center.

The first option for redeeming your Tickets is by coming by the Clutch Effects Amusement location to play some of our Challenge Games! Our Challenge Games cost 300 Tickets to play, and you carn up to 12,000 Tickets per try!

The second option for redeeming your Tickets is by stopping by the Clutch Effects Arcade! Here we have many more games for you to play, and a ton of prizes for you to choose from!

Redeeming Your Tickets

How to Get Support

Getting Support is easy! Follow the link below to submit a support request! A member of our team will reach out to you as soon as possible!

Getting Support

Play Credits Never Expire!

When you purchase our Play Credits, you can rest assured that they will never expire! It doesn't matter if they are purchased during Happy Hour, at a Birthday Party, or if its during one of our Holiday promotions. Your Play Credits remain yours forever!

View our Arcade Promotions, or stop by and we'll make the most of your time!

Arcade Promotions

Clutch Effects Memberships are here!

Click Here for Membership Options

Game On!

Now that you know more about the Clutch Effects Arcade experience, Let's Play!

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