About Us

Clutch Effects is a subsidiary of Victor Elaine, which is a San Diego family-owned business. Clutch Effects has been in operation since 2021, and we have continued to grow with our partners every year! In 2021, we launched the Clutch Effects Marketplace to help promote our partners and the services which we provide.

In 2022 we began offering our automated retail services to businesses in San Diego County and in Orange County. In less than 2-months we had the pleasure of working with over 40 businesses to automate inventory control, and/or to automate the delivery of their retail services. Those businesses include Viejas Casino and Resort, Quality Wash, 4th Avenue Eatery, and American Eye Associates. 

The Clutch Effects Arcade

At the end of April (2023) we opened the Clutch Effects Arcade at the Viejas Outlet Center. Our arcade is designed to be the first multi-media family entertainment center, where the concept of family entertainment has been enhanced to include products and services offered by local small and medium sized businesses. Emerging technologies which include the integration of smart lockers, vending machines, and the Clutch Effects Marketplace have been intertwined to create this new experience.

We appreciate all of the support, encouragement, and honest feedback that we have received through the years, and we look forward to introducing new features that we have been diligently creating.

We Work With Business You Can Trust!

In some way shape or form, every business that we work with is also a partner of ours. Our goal is to see them grow and reach levels of service which they may never have imagined!

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