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Our products

The Best Deal Available

Looking for the best deal to pass the time? Well you've found it!

Now you can purchase 30 Minutes or 1 Hour Unlimited Video Game Play for $20 and $30!

  • $20 gets you 30 Minutes of Unlimited Video Game Play!
  • $30 gets you 1 Hour of Unlimited Video Game Play!

These Packages are on our kiosks all day every day!

You can enjoy Jurassic Park, Halo, Air Hockey, Jet Pong, Dirty Drivin', H2Overdrive, Cruisin' Blast, and More!

The clock on your Video Game Play does not start until you play your first game, so these packages make great presents as well!

Our products

Happy Hour!

Get 25% more Play Credits when you purchase your credits during our Happy Hour!

Happy Hour runs Monday through Thursday from 3pm until 6pm! No reservations are required, and this deal is only available in the arcade.

  • $20 gets you 294 Play Credits!
  • $40 gets you 625 Play Credits!
  • $60 gets you 968 Play Credits!
  • $80 gets you 1,313 Play Credits!

Birthday Play Credit Bonus

We're going to help make your birthday awesome by giving you $20 in Play Credits on your birthday!

  • You get 235 Play Credits on your Birthday!


  1. You must provide some sort of proof that you are eligible for the Birthday promotion (ID Card, Birth Certificate, or Parent/Guardian Confirmation)
  2. You cannot be celebrating your birthday in our Party Area

Spend Labor Day at the Arcade!

Yes, on Labor Day weekend we'll be giving you 30% Extra Arcade Play Credits! That's Saturday the 2nd, Sunday the 3rd, and Monday the 4th!

  • $20 gets you 306 Play Credits!
  • $40 gets you 650 Play Credits!
  • $80 gets you 1,300 Play Credits!
  • $100 gets you 1,950 Play Credits!

Cilantro's Kids Meal Special

Are you in the mood for some good food? Well we've partnered with Cilantro's to give you 40 Tickets for every Kids Meal Purchased!

Just place your Kids Meal order at Cilantro's and they will give you a card loaded with 40 Tickets on it!

Yes, it's that easy!

Our products

Kettle Corn Special

We've partnered with our friends at the Viejas Outlet Center Kettle Corn stand so that everyone can get up to 40 Tickets to the Clutch Effects Arcade! All that you have to do is purchase a $7 bag of Kettle Corn, or a $9 bag of Kettle Corn!

Our friends serving Kettle Corn at the outlet center have been there for over 10 years, and they're Kettle Corn has been the #1 snack for families the entire time!

Our products

$5 Christy's Toy Outlet Gift Card

We are so proud to be working with Christy's Toy Outlet! All of our players have the opportunity to get a gift card worth $5 to Christy's Toy Outlet!

When you purchase our $30 Christy's Toy Outlet Play Package, you get 365 Play Credits PLUS a $5 Gift Card to Christy's Toy Outlet! You can't beat that!

Find Out More about Christy's Toy Outlet!

Play Credits and Tickets Never Expire!

When you purchase our Play Credits, you can rest assured that they will never expire! It doesn't matter if they are purchased during Happy Hour, at a Birthday Party, or if its during one of our Holiday promotions. Your Play Credits remain yours forever!

Also, after you've earned Tickets on our Redemption games, your Tickets will remain in your account until you redeem them! Provide your Name and Phone Number when you purchase your Play Credit Card, and we will be able to look up your account everytime!

Game On!

Now that you know more about the Clutch Effects Arcade experience, Let's Play!

Clutch Effects Arcade at Viejas Outlet Center

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