Redeeming Tickets

Redeeming Tickets that you've earned has proven to be the most difficult part of playing our games! Not because the process is actually difficult, we just stock the best prizes ever!

Below are the different ways that you can redeem the Tickets that you've earned.

Prize Hub

We brought in a Prize Hub to make sure that our customers had access to our most common prizes, and some of our premium prizes without having to wait for an attendant. Getting prizes from the Prize Hub is easy! Just follow the directions below.

Insert your card QR Code up, in the open section just below the Prize Hub's digital screen.

Select the Prize that you want by sliding the Prize options Left and Right on the screen.

Confirm twice which prize you want, and then

Retrieve your prize after it has been vended, or when the locker door opens.

If you do not have a card, please see one of our attendants and they will give you a card for your account. Then you will be able to complete the above process.

At the Redemption Area

We wanted to upgrade this experience, but the best that we could do was make the redemption process fun with great prizes! As you can see in the pictures of our Prize Wall, we do not stock stuff that will be cool for all of 5 minutes. We have customers coming in every weekend just to see what we've added to the Prize Area.

The redemption process is easy, just hand your card to one of our team members and let them know what you want! They will let you know when you don't have enough tickets for a prize.

Online Redemption

That's right! Browse our Marketplace, and if you see something that you'd like to purchase (in total or in part) with Tickets, follow the link below to complete the Ticket to Online Credit Conversion Request form and a member of our team will be in touch with you!

Ticket to Online Credit Conversion Request

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