We are so proud to announce the opening of our new location at Liberty Station!

Our goal was to create an experience that San Diego would love, while staying true to our business model of supporting the community.

The arcade games at this 1,700 square foot facility are more activity-based than video-game based. This means that players will use a significant amount of energy in a short amount of time, which is excellent for their physical and mental health! We saw this as the best way to pair what we do best with the other businesses in the area.

The Official Grand Opening!!!

Yes, this May 25th and 26th will be the Official Grand Opening of our Liberty Station location! Every Play Card Purchaser will be given the opportunity to Spin our Prize Wheel, and take a shot at hitting the Jackpot on our Combo Boxer!

Doors open at 9am, and we suggest that you get here early on both days to hack our massage chairs for a FREE MASSAGE!

Cotton Candy

You'll know that you're in the right place right when you walk in! Our Cotton Candy vending machine will make the best cotton candy for you, at the best price point in San Diego! If you need a machine for your location, just let us know!

Vending Machines

We are an automated retail technology company, so we leverage all types of vending machines, kiosks, smart lockers, and digital signage to distribute product, information, and for enhancing your experience! Our systems are integrated with ecommerce, employee and student rewards, and used to market various promotions which we manage.

Download the PayRange app and perhaps you'll walk away with a free snack from the vending machines that we have at our Liberty Station location!

Mini Crane Machines

Our Mini Crane machines are always stocked with the best little prizes that we can find! If you're looking to get a little play in, then these guys are perfect! Satisfy that itch $.50 cents at a time! These little machines are perfect if you're looking to fill up a small space in your business too! Just let us know and we'll bring them out!

Premium Massage Chairs

Feeling stressed? Are life's pressures mounting up and you just need a moment to relax? Well you're not alone, and it sounds like you need to spend $5 on one of our massage chairs. We have over 10,000 hours of managing our massage chairs, and we believe that we have dialed them in to satisfy 95 out of 100 people who use them! For your convenience we have equipped our chairs with card readers, but they also accept up to $20 bills. To get a massage that you'll brag about, all that you have to do is:

  1. Select how long you want our massage chair to work on you,
  2. Tap your phone or card on our card reader, or Insert your card into the card reader
  3. Let the reader process your payment
  4. Sit down and enjoy your massage!

Games, Games, Games!!!

Ready for a healthy way to let some of that pent up energy out? Then our location at Liberty Station is definitely the right place for you! We stocked this location with games that let you punch, kick, throw, toss, bowl, shoot, and hammer your way to your happy place! And yes, if you're looking to enhance your business with arcade games, Clutch Effects is the best partner that you can work with! We not only support the machines, but we work to drive traffic to your location in addition to keeping the machines stocked and in tip top shape!

Premium Prizes, In-Arcade and Online!

You're going to love playing for our premium prizes, but if your time is as valuable as we believe it is, then just buy them! We aren't like those arcades who make you keep playing in order to get what you want. If you like it, then we want you to have it!

Also, if you don't see something that you like at our arcade, then convert your tickets to credit on our online marketplace and buy something there!

Convert Tickets to Online Credits

Clutch Effects Arcade at Liberty Station

2850 Womble Road #103

San Diego, CA 92106

Business Hours

Monday through Thursday 11am - 6pm

Friday 11am - 6pm

Saturday and Sunday 9am - 6pm

Stay tuned as our Extended Hours will be announced soon!

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Play Credits and Tickets Never Expire!

When you purchase our Play Credits, you can rest assured that they will never expire! It doesn't matter if they are purchased during Happy Hour, at a Birthday Party, or if its during one of our Holiday promotions. Your Play Credits remain yours forever!

View our Arcade Promotions, or stop by and we'll make the most of your time!

Arcade Promotions

Play and Redeem for the Win!

As you accrue Tickets on our games, don't forget that we have a huge Arcade at the Viejas Outlet Center with a bunch of prizes for you to exchange your tickets for! The Clutch Effects Arcade is open every day of the week, and we're open until 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays!

You can also book our arcade for a special event, like a team party!

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Clutch Effects Arcade at Viejas Outlet Center

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