Creating an Account

There are multiple ways to create an account, and there are multiple benefits to creating an account. Below we'll review all of the reasons for each.

3 Reasons to create an account?

The Number 1 reason why we would ask for every customer to create an account is because we do not want you to lose the Play Credits that are purchased, or the Tickets that are purchased/earned. When you don't create an account it is virtually impossible to verify that Play Credits and Tickets associated with an account are yours.

The second most important reason to create an account is because you then will not have to carry around a card! At the end of playing at one of our locations, all that you will have to do is give your card to one of our team members, and they will make sure that your Play Credits and Tickets are safe.

The final reason why we think that it is important to create an account is because you get a discount when you use the Tigapo app to credit our games! The Tigapo app is easy to setup and we'll go through that process next.

Creating an Account with the Tigapo App

Creating an account with the Tigapo app is easy! Follow the steps below and you'll be good to go!

  1. Tap HERE to download the Tigapo app
  2. Select the 'Sign-Up' option
  3. Create an account using your Name, Phone Number, and Email Address
  4. Verify that you want the Tigapo app to use your Location While the App is in Use

After you've completed these steps, you will be brought to a screen where you can select which location you would like to purchase credits for. Scroll down to Clutch Effects Arcade, and then you'll be presented with our Play Credit Purchase Options.

Tigapo App Disclaimer

One thing that everyone needs to keep in mind is that while you can add cards to your Tigapo App account, all Play Credits and Tickets will be transferred to only One Account. This is important to know because if you want to have 2 separate cards, that have their own Play Credits and Tickets, then they need to be associated with separate Tigapo App accounts.

Do not add a card to your Tigapo App Profile if you do not want it combined with the other Play Credits and Tickets that you have associated with that Tigapo App Profile.

Creating an Account at one of our Locations

The first way that you can create an account at one of our locations by speaking with one of our team members. They will ask for your Name, Phone Number, and Email. Once your account is created, we can give you a card every time that you come in, and when you're done playing you can simply turn the card in and we will remove it from your account.

The second way that you can create an account at one of our locations is by using our White Digital Kiosks. Follow the Play Credit Purchase process (found HERE), and make sure to enter your Name and Phone Number when you're purchasing a card. Once you complete this process, your account will be created.

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