Delivery Safe is our choice for secure at home delivery! They're delivery safes look great, they're durable, and they can keep deliveries from multiple vendors secure. When you want your delivery from Clutch Effects to be placed inside of your Delivery Safe, all that you have to do is provide the code which will allow us to access the safe!

Keep Food Fresh

How nice would it be if your deliveries from Clutch Effects Grocery Products were securely waiting for you when you arrived at home?

Make Your Life More Convenient

Delivery Safe is great for securing your present deliveries! No more worrying Porch Pirates!

Take Care of Your Renters

What about for Short-Term Rentals? Well dropping off supplies has never been easier. With Delivery Safe you can help maintain the privacy for your renters by making extra supplies available without entering the home.

Teachable Moments

Let's be honest, owning a Delivery Safe is also about teaching your kids about responsibility. Making sure that what you order arrives where you want it to is on you, just as much as it is on the organizations you order from. With a Delivery Safe on your doorstep, you are telling the companies who you work with that you care about their products, and that you've invested in protecting what is yours. Your children will see that, and they will grow up knowing that ownership means responsibility.

Look Good, Feel Good

Maintaining the look and feel of the place you call home is important to the Delivery Safe team. This is why they designed a product which blends right into every environment. 

Here are some great videos about Delivery Safe!