For a Limited Time Only you can qualify for $10 in Free Play Credits when you spend $50 on ClutchEffects.com, or in one of our Qualified Communities!

Just register your Proof of Purchase from a Qualified Community, and we will reward you with $10 in Free Play Credits (110 Play Credits)! You can also forward your Proof of Purchase to ProofOfPurchase@ClutchEffects.com!

Once your purchase has been verified, a member of our team will assign $10 in Free Play Credits to the email address associated with your Clutch Effects Arcade Account.

Play Credits can be used at the Clutch Effects Arcade, Viejas Bowl, The Clubhouse Diamond Training Facility in El Cajon, and Las Tres Catrinas at the Chula Vista Mall!

More locations are in the works, so make sure to check back here regularly and follow us on Instagram and TikTok!


No Proof of Purchase is required for Purchases made on ClutchEffects.com!

Play Credit Purchases do not qualify for this Promotion, but purchases of Clutch Effects Products at a Clutch Effects location do qualify!

Proof of Purchase is always required in order to qualify for this promotion, and only images of receipts will be accepted for this promotion.

Proof of Purchase must be submitted on the day of Purchase.

Play Credits associated with this promotion can be awarded immediately, or they can take up to 48 hours.

Receipts from Qualified Communities can only be used one time as Proof of Purchase.

One customer is only eligible to qualify for the Daily Maximum of $20 in Free Play Credits.

Free Play Credits will be given in the equivalent of $10 Play Credit Increments (i.e., 110 or 220)

Photos of Printed Receipts may be submitted below, or directly to ProofOfPurchase@ClutchEffects.com. A member of the Clutch Effects team will confirm that your purchase has been verified via email. While we may confirm immediately that the Photo of your Printed Receipt has been submitted, it could take up to 48 hours in order for your Purchase to be verified.

The only limit on the number of Play Credits which can be awarded is the Daily Maximum.

Purchases associated with this Promotion may not be combined with any other promotion offered by Clutch Effects.

Abuse of this promotion will be penalized, up to an indefinite suspension from all current and future Clutch Effects Promotions. Proof of Purchase submitted by an employee of the same location within a Qualified Community is an example of abusing this promotion.


Clutch Effects

Not only can you spend $50 on merchandise at our arcade, but you can also spend $50 on ClutchEffects.com and qualify for $10 in Free Play Credits!

Liberty Station

You're reading that right! We have now expanded our Spend $50 Get $10 promotion to include Liberty Station!

There is an incredible number of great retailers and service providers here at Liberty Station. If you haven't been here in a while, we're giving you up to $20 in Play Credits to come check it out!

Alpine, California

Spend a total of $50 in one day at any Retail Store and/or Restaurant 1 mile from the Clutch Effects Arcade location in Alpine, California!

Purchases made at Grocery Stores, Pharmacies, and Gas Stations do not qualify.

Las Tres Catrinas (LTC Lounge)

Feeling like some quality Mexican food in Chula Vista? Then Las Tres Catrinas is the spot for you!! Not only will you get some great food, but you'll also hear some great live music, and you'll be able to get some gaming in!!

Clutch Effects Play Credits are universal, so you can use the same Play Card and app account at any of our locations, or at any of our partner's locations!



Birthday Play Credit Bonus

We're going to help make your birthday awesome by giving you $20 in Play Credits on your birthday!

  • You get 235 Play Credits on your Birthday!


  1. You must provide some sort of proof that you are eligible for the Birthday promotion (ID Card, Birth Certificate, or Parent/Guardian Confirmation)
  2. You cannot be celebrating your birthday in our Party Area

Rainy Day Play Bonus

When it rains, we add 20% more Play Credits to every Play Credit Package! That's 20% more just for stopping by and playing with us!

Keep in mind, our Credits and Tickets never expire, so this is just another reason to bring the kids by the arcade when the weather isn't great!

Play Credits and Tickets Never Expire!

When you purchase our Play Credits, you can rest assured that they will never expire! It doesn't matter if they are purchased during Happy Hour, at a Birthday Party, or if its during one of our Holiday promotions. Your Play Credits remain yours forever!

Also, after you've earned Tickets on our Redemption games, your Tickets will remain in your account until you redeem them! Provide your Name and Phone Number when you purchase your Play Credit Card, and we will be able to look up your account everytime!

Game On!

Now that you know more about the Clutch Effects Arcade experience, Let's Play!

Clutch Effects Arcade at Viejas Outlet Center

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