Wireless Meat Thermometer

Color: IP67 Waterproof
Sale price$124.00


Looking for a smarter way to cook your next steak? Meet the Wireless Meat Thermometer. This handy little gadget is 100% wire-free, making it perfect for outdoor cooking. It has a 32.8ft Bluetooth range, so you can monitor your cooking from anywhere in the vicinity. Additionally, the FREE app, Grill ProbeE, is available for iOS / Android smart phones, making it even easier to keep an eye on things. The fast-charging feature means you can get 5.5 hours of use out of just a 5 minute charge. Plus, dual temperature sensors allow you to monitor internal meat temperature and external stove/oven temperature simultaneously. And finally, the Guided Cook System walks you through every step of the cooking pro cess, ensuring perfectly cooked meat every time. So why wait? Get grilling with the Wireless Meat Thermometer today!


APP Interface: 
1) Bluetooth connection status, click on the Bluetooth connection. 
2) Four channel numbers, click to view each probe barbecue status. 
3) Click to set the barbecue mode. 
4) Click to view all the barbecue probes. 
5) Time left 6) Food temperature 7) Barbecue mode 
8) Start/Stop, click to start/stop the barbecue process 
9) Oven temperature
10)Low battery alarm, need to recharge the probe 
11) System setting interface
12)Click to view a single probe barbecue, Connect and disconnect the Bluetooth

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