Transparent Self Watering Flowerpot

Color: White
Size: Large
Sale price$28.00


Never worry about over-watering your plants again with the new Transparent Self Watering Flowerpot. Crafted of durable double layer plastic, these planters are designed for energy efficiency and water conservation. The clear base of the pot allows you to monitor and maintain the appropriate amount of water so your flowers or plants can grow healthy and strong. The pot is filled through an easy to use water filling port located at the side of the pot. Comes with a cotton rope for enhanced stability and convenience. Choose between three different sizes – small 8.2*11.3cm, medium 10.5*13.8cm, and large 15.3*18.2cm – in shades of white or gray to fit any size space. An innovative forward thinking design to make your gardening experience go from simple to blissful!


✨ Type: Water auto-absorption planter with filling port

✨ Color: White, Gray

✨ Material: AS

✨ Size(Diameter * Height): Small(8.2*11.3cm), Medium(10.5*13.8cm), Large(15.3*18.2cm)


✨ 1 flowerpot, 1 cotton rope

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