Reusable Ice Cooling Face Muscle Therapy Roller

Color: 1pcs Pink
Sale price$19.00


Relief your facial muscles of stress with the Reusable Ice Cooling Face Muscle Therapy Roller. This convenient and cost-effective massager is the perfect way to cold therapy sore or tight muscles, providing your face the deep sensory stimulation it needs for a healthier, rejuvenated look. Made of plastic with a cool retardant handle for improved grip and extra comfort, it’s easy to fill with water and freeze before use. Plus, its sanitizing capabilities make it ideal for both clinic or home use! This unique roller can be reused indefinitely, helping you save both money and time as you work to alleviate muscle pain in your face. With this long handle and cylindrical shape, you'll achieve maximum precision while rolling it over all parts of your face - allowing each muscle to recover from strain faster than ever before! Get the Reusable Ice Cooling Face Muscle Therapy Roller today!



Material:   Silicone
Type: Face Ice Roller

Size Chart:

Package Includes:
1 Piece Massager Ice Cup 

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