Protein Shaker Mixing Cup

Color: Orange
Size: 350ml
Sale price$36.00


The 350ml Electric Protein Shaker Mixing Cup is an essential tool for any fitness enthusiast or gym goer. This convenient cup helps make quick work of mixing your protein shakes, with no extra mess. It features a one-button switch and an ultra-transparent sealing ring, so you can keep the contents of your cup safe and securely locked away. Importantly, the high temperature resistant stirring blade ensures that your shake stays consistent while it's being mixed. The cup itself is made with imported stainless steel, and includes a humanized drinking water outlet, perfect for long days spent at the gym. With a standard scale for measuring powder content, you'll always know exactly how much of your favorite ingredient you need to whip up the best shake possible. Best of all, this cup is easy to clean after use - just disassemble as needed or rinse normally to clean out any residue from making your smoothies. Add this high-quality item to your fitness toolkit today and get ready to maximize your workout gains!



Capacity: 350ML
Product Size: Bottle Height 21cm/8.27in
Diameter: 7cm/2.76in
Battery: Not Included
Material: PC+ABS

Package Includes:
1Pcs Cup (not including battery)

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