LED Strip Light RGB Sound Control

Color: 16LED Black USB
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Whether you're looking for a way to spice up your car's interior or want to add some extra ambiance to your next movie night, the Sound Control Music Rhythm Light is the perfect product for you! This easy-to-use light bar features customizable colors and light effects, as well as zestful music and scene modes. Plus, with its built-in battery, you can take it with you wherever you go!


MODE/SPEED key: Short press to turn white-select mode; long press to turn red-select 5 speeds 
COLOR/BRIGHT key: Short press to turn white-select color; long press to turn green-select 4 levels of brightness 
Press two keys at the same time: Press at the same time to turn blue-to learn the environmental noise spectrum 
Press and hold COLOR at the same time when power on: enter gain setting mode 
Power on (battery model only): Press the COLOR key after power off 
Shut down (battery model only): keep face down for 3 seconds 


Product Specifications:
Model: AK_DB32_Color
Input: 5V/1A (5.5V is the maximum upper limit)
Output: 5W
Input Port: Micro USB
Dimensions: 181*16*15mm
Net Weight: 86g
Material: One-piece molding, Anodizing
Software Supports: Ambient Noise filtering, firmware update
What's in the Box: Music levels light x1, Micro-USB cable x1(1.2m)
Built-in highly sensitive microphone (sound-controlled).
Aluminum alloy integrated molding housing
Customize LED lighting mold components to make colors soft.
32 independent RGB colored LED.
More than 8 dynamic display optional, 60 color combinations optional
Custom rhythm speed adjustment is supported
The monochrome mode and color mode is available.
Light group and peak light can be customized
The AGC algorithm ensures the best effects when the input signal changes.
Brightness, speed, sensitivity and AGC can all be adjusted conveniently
Plug and play by Micro USB cable .
USB upgrade is Supported
Ambient noise filtering is available. This function can significantly reduce the impact of
ambient noise on the use of sound-controlled products.


Package Includes :
1x RGB Light
1x Plastic base
4x Transparent double-sided tape
1x Micro-USB Power Cord
1X Manual

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