Automatic Dumpling Maker

Color: Picking Spoon
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Introduce the Automatic Dumpling Maker – an innovative kitchen appliance that gives you complete control over your favorite dumplings. Whether it’s a classic pierogi or something more complex, you can now chop, form and press the perfect pocket pouch in no time. With two slots available, the Automatic Dumpling Maker makes your creations fast, efficient and easy to use. The simple procedure will make even little ones join in on the fun – just put in dough and filling, press lightly and they’re ready! Plus, the resulting dumplings are as beautiful as they are tasty. Get creative with this product to experience a whole new cooking experience while you spend quality time with your family. From preparing to steaming/boiling/baking/frying - make all of your favorite recipes come true with Automatic Dumpling Maker!



Product Name: Automatic Dumpling Maker
Material: 304 stainless steel + ABS
Weight: 350G
Size: 17*20*12cm (6.7*7.87*4.7in)

Package Includes:
1 x Dumpling Maker

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