Anti-clogging Sink Strainer

Color: White 8
Sale price$15.00


The Anti-clogging Sink Strainer is the perfect solution for your kitchen or bathroom sink! This universal strainer fits most sinks and drains, and it catches hair, food, and other debris before it clogs your drain. The Anti-clogging Sink Strainer is easy to use and easy to clean - just rinse it off in the sink when you're done! It's also durable and long-lasting, so you don't have to worry about replacing it anytime soon. So whether you're trying to prevent clogged drains or just want an easier way to clean your sink, the Anti-clogging Sink Strainer is the perfect choice for you!



Product name: Sink floor drain
Size: Length 14.5 x Width 14.5cm
Material: TPR
Color: White/Dark Gray/Orange/Dark Green/Light Blue

Package Included:
1 Piece

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