350ML Fruit Juice Blender

Color: Pink
Size: 350ml 1400 mAh
Sale price$97.00


Looking for a stylish and portable blender that can make delicious juices, smoothies, and milkshakes? Look no further than the 350ML Fruit Juice Blender! This powerful little blender can quickly stir various fruits, juices, soy milk, milkshakes, and rice cereals with ease. Made with high-quality materials like environmental protection cup lid, silicone lifting ring, Tritan cup body, stainless steel blade, and ABS base, this blender is safe to use and easy to carry. So whether you're headed to the gym or out on a picnic, you can take the juice bottle anywhere and enjoy fresh, healthy drinks anytime, anywhere!


Product name: portable electric juicer cup
Product capacity: 350ml
Color: pink, white
Product weight: 490g
Product model:214
Product size: 82mm* 82mm' 218mm
Input: DC5V-1A
Battery voltage: V-1200mAh

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