10Pcs Microfiber Absorbent Towel

Color: Mixed Colors
Size: 10Pcs
Sale price$36.00


Introducing the 10pcs Microfiber Absorbent Towel collection. These towels offer exceptional absorbency and remarkable cleaning capabilities to help keep your kitchen spotless. Each towel is crafted with thick and environmentally friendly coral fleece material to create a soft and comfortable finish that won't fade or lint, making them perfect for use around food items. Featuring double-sided dishcloths designed specifically to resist oil and dirt, they efficiently remove greasy messes while remaining comfortable to touch. Keep your kitchen clean and tidy with these amazing 10pcs Microfiber Absorbent Towels – they're not just functional, but stylish too! Enjoy superior absorbency and decontamination as you wipe away stubborn stains with ease. Buy yours today!



Material: Microfiber Cloth
Color: Double-sided color, Purple Gray, Pink Green, Pink Grey, Green Grey
Shape: Square

Package Include: 
10 pcs Dishcloths

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