Expand Your Brand with a Partner That Understands!

Looking to Increase Your Exposure, and Add Revenue to your Bottom Line without Adding Overhead? Then you're in the right place!

The Clutch Effects Marketplace was specifically designed to introduce how automated retail systems could increase efficiency, and bottom line revenue for Retailers, Restaurants, and Service Providers. In addition, the ability that the marketplace has to introduce customers and other businesses to these Retailers, Restaurants, and Service Providers is unmatched by any platform in the world.

When you successfully sign up as vendor:

  1. You are given the ability to create, sync, and/or upload items which you would like to sell on the marketplace (items can be products or services),

  2. You are walked through the process to become one of our highest rated product and/or service providers

  3. You are continuously provided opportunities to advertise your products and/or services strategically to marketplace visitors, and

  4. You are able to offer sample products in the most efficient ways possible or credits for service trials in the most efficient manner possible. 

Why the Clutch Effects Marketplace for my business?

All of the above benefits are available to all of our marketplace vendors, and the first 3 are FREE! 

Unlike the other marketplaces who charge their a monthly fee to sell on their platforms, we choose to work with our marketplace vendors as if they're partners. Bringing our client base to these partners is simply what is required for all of us to be successful.

Which Vendor Services are not Free?

Similar to how Google Ads works, costs come into play when we are running a targeted campaign for one of our vendors. Targeted campaigns on the Clutch Effects Marketplace are extremely perform well because we allow our vendors to choose exactly the type of clients that they want to reach. We identify the a vendor's target market by:

  • Physical Location

  • Device Type

  • Sales History, and

  • Preferences

Time of day, Days in the week,  and length of the campaign are also crucial factors of a campaign that we would need to identify.

Because of our automated physical reach, we also have the ability to run Targeted Product Sampling Campaigns for our Vendors, and Targeted Out of Home Campaigns for our Vendors. Clutch Effects truly is your 1 stop shop Omni-Channel Marketing Partner!

Although we have the ability to charge per click, most vendor campaigns are for a specific period of time, and in the areas where the vendor would like to reach a target. We provide all of the analytics to support keeping campaigns as is, ramping them up, ramping them down, or pivoting to capture the attention of an alternative market. Because of our reach, these changes can be made while a campaign is in flight.

What's Next?

Submit your request to become a Marketplace Vendor, and then a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.