Free Clutch Effects Smart Locker

Clutch Effects is not just dedicated to a Clean and GREEN Lifestyle, we are prepared to invest in the same for our customers.

The Free Clutch Effects Smart Locker Promotion is simple:

  1. It extends to every customer shopping on Clutch Effects.
  2. There is no limit to the number of Free Clutch Effects Smart Lockers that a Customer can earn.
  3. Clutch Effects will help every customer find a location for their smart locker
  4. Clutch Effects will route products to every placed Smart Locker, and Clutch Effects will share revenue with every Smart Locker Owner for products delivered to their Smart Locker.
  5. Clutch Effects will service and support every Smart Locker placed.

This program offer is designed to help decrease the amount of one-time use packaging retailers use, and reduce the number of trips delivery trucks make to a single location over a period of time. Rather than pay for products to sit on shelves in a warehouse, or at a traditional brick and mortar storefront, Clutch Effects is placing systems in around the world with our partners and customers.

Benefits of the Clutch Effects Smart Locker Program

  1. Reduction in the use of our planet's natural resources
  2. Reduction in traffic for delivery and commuter vehicles
  3. Reduction in wear and tear on our roads and highways
  4. Reduction in pollution worldwide
  5. Improved air quality
  6. Boost in local economy due to the localization of resources
  7. Elimination of single-use packaging

This Is How You Qualify

When you earn 100,000,000 Clutch Effects Bonus Points we will purchase a Smart Locker for you, find a location for it, install it, route products to it, and share the revenue that we earn from it with you. No tricks, no gimmicks, no limitation on the number of Smart Lockers that you can earn. We are the only company in the world offering this, and we stand by the investment that we are prepared to make in our customers.

Sign up for the Clutch Effects Bonus Points Program HERE and let us pay you back for every dollar spent on Clutch Effects!

Premium Massage Chairs

(for you know who!)

Shoot Your Shot!

We brought in the most played arcade basketball game in order to give players the absolute best chance to win lots of tickets!

Halo Fireteam Raven

Without a doubt we brought one of our best shooting games out right now to the Viejas Outlet Center! Halo Fireteam Raven is one of the most fun games out right now. Especially if you're battling to see who can get the highest score!

Jurassic Park and Fishbowl Frenzy!

Simply put, these were MUST HAVES!

Air Hockey

Have you signed up to join our Air Hockey tournaments?


Get Free Gift Cards to the Nike Clearance Store and Christy's Toy Outlet when you set the high score!

No Coins, No Tickets!

Prior to opening we knew that we wanted the Clutch Effects Arcade to be the most pleasing experience possible for adults and kids of all ages. The best way to do this reliably was to bring in a card systems which was capable of keeping track of Game Play Credits, and Tickets. Via our relationship with Tigapo we were able to deliver on everything that we wanted and more!

Don't forget to stop by during happy hour, Monday through Thursday from 3pm to 6pm! We've always got something special going on!

Wall to Wall Games

We knew that we had to bring it when we opened at the Viejas Outlet Center. The previous arcade had great games, and loyal players. Since opening we've received rave reviews from people confirming their absolute love for the improvements that we've made. Everything has been upgraded, from the prizes to the sheer number and variety of our games. Our promotions are better, and more frequent than any arcade out there!

Party Area

Our arcade at the Viejas Outlet Center has a 750 square feet Party that has been used for private parties, networking meetings, and gaming tournaments. If you're looking for space in an arcade at the absolute best rates available, then our location at the Viejas Outlet Center is what you've been looking for! I'ts perfect for:

  • Birthday Parties
  • School Field Trips and Offsite Learning
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduation Parties
  • Networking Events
  • End of Season Team Parties
  • Corporate Team Building

Our Party Area can accommodate 50 people, and we can provide everything that you need!

Book Your Next Event

Cotton Candy!

You'll know that you're in the right place right when you walk in! Our Cotton Candy vending machine will make the best cotton candy for you, at the best price point in San Diego! If you need a machine for your location, just let us know!

The Best Prizes Tickets Can Buy

We update and introduce new prizes all the time so that the excitement extends far beyond our walls. This is where we get the most our of our vendors and business partners.

Located at 5005 Willows Road F104, Alpine, California

Business Hours

The Clutch Effects Arcade at the Viejas Outlet Center is currently open the same hours as the mall.

Monday - Thursday: 12pm - 7pm

Friday: 12pm - 7pm

Saturday: 10am - 9pm

Sunday: 10am - 7pm

Come on out and Let's Play!

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