Together our donations will change the world!

As much as the Clutch Effects team wants to be clutch for you, it is in every one of us to give back. Especially to those who may not have the resources to be a customer of ours. This is why we've made it possible for you to give back every time that you buy products and/or services here on Clutch Effects.

How do we choose?

Every Clutch Effects team member has a voice, and therefore we have asked each and every member to provide an organization every quarter to donate to. At the appropriate time during the quarter we vote on the 5 organizations who we would like to support by default.

No cause is too small!

Who are the current 5 organizations?

Donate directly to the Environmental Defense Fund!

Donate directly to the Ronald McDonald House Charities!


 Donate directly to the Women's Small Business Accelerator! 

Donate directly to Toys for Tots!

Donate directly to the American Red Cross!

 Are Clutch Effects Customers allowed to get involved?

Absolutely! Customer feedback is worth its weight in gold, and if there is an organization or cause that you believe we should consider donating to, please complete the form below with your recommendation. When we confirm the new organizations/causes that we will be donating to by default, we will let you know by email, and this page will be updated with information about those organizations.