Transparent Tights with Fishnet Pattern

Color: Cool Black2
Size: 300g-Thick(fleece)
Sale price$41.00


Introducing Transparent Tights with Fishnet Pattern – the perfect addition to your wardrobe! Crafted from soft and comfortable nylon, this stylish tights is ideal for any body type. The fishnet pattern gives a subtle yet modern look that is sure to make you stand out. Plus, these tights are designed to keep you feeling good all day long with their standard thickness, ranging from 80g to 300g. What’s more, they are suitable for different temperatures – thin fit for 25℃-10℃ and thick fit for 10℃-0℃ - so you can wear them regardless of the season. With Transparent Tights with Fishnet Pattern, you will never have a dull outfit again!

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