Three-in-One Wireless Charger

Color: Black
Sale price$64.00


Introducing the Three-in-One Wireless Charger, a revolutionary product designed to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Constructed with a specular glass charging panel, aluminum alloy frame, and ergonomic design, this high quality charger features a stylish design. The sleek aesthetics of the Three-in-One Charger are complemented by its functionality as well - its 60 degree tilted angles allow you to view your screen without strain. With built-in dual coils and a large induction range, you can be sure that your products are charging fully and safely. Additionally, the silicone mat on the bottom prevents slipping for added peace of mind. The LED indicator light indicates charging status, while Foreign Object Detection (FOD) warns in case of any external interference. To keep your devices cool during powerful charging times, a high performance centrifugal fan kicks in automatically once needed complete with adjustable speeds for day or night use. Multiples safeguards offer protection from any damage while using this powerful charger - ensure your devices never overheat again! Offering ultimate convenience and exceptional peace of mind through its safety features, the Three-in-One Wireless Charger is the perfect choice for all your device needs.

Input parameters: 9V
Output parameters: 9V
Type: Three in one
Charging current: 1500
Battery type: Without battery
With indication function
Interface: Type-C
Color: Black

Packaging Information:
Charger x1

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