New Folding Swing Corrector

Color: Black 1Pcs
Size: China
Sale price$72.00


The all-new Folding Swing Corrector is the perfect golf training aid for those looking to improve their hinge, forearm rotation, and shoulder turn. This innovative device helps you achieve the perfect swing every time by providing instant feedback on your form. Simply unfold the Corrector and place it in your desired position, then take a practice swing. The Corrector's unique design will help you achieve the proper posture and form, while the built-in sensors provide immediate feedback on your progress.



Product Feature: New Folding Swing Corrector
Place of Production: Golf swing correctors made in China
Usage: Golf swing posture practice aid
Type: Swing Trainer
Type: Golf swing corrector
Style: Portable Golf Impact Power Training Product
Service performance: Excellent Golf swing training equipment
Origin: Mainland China
Feature: OEM for Portable Golf Swing Training Aid

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