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We do this so that every player can get some gaming in before or after their matches!

Game Summary

Simply put, Cornhole is this generation's version of the game Shoe Horses. If you don't know what Shoe Horses is, don't worry about it.

The object of Cornhole is to beat the team or player that you're playing against to 21 points. You do this by throwing large bags filled with weighted pellets onto a board about 20 feet away. The board has a hole in it, and if your bag goes into the whole, then you get 2 points. If your bag lands on the board and stays on the board through the round.

Each round consists of a player from each team taking turns to throw a bag onto the board across from them. Each player throws three bags per round, and at the end of the round, players count the number of points each team has earned in the round. Cancelation scoring is used, so if Team A scores 3 and Team B scores 2, then Team A will have earned 1 point that round (3 minus 2). Those points get added to Team A's total for the match.

When one team reaches 21 points the match is over and they are the winner of that match.

Tournament Rules

Signing Up

All Players must complete the form below in order to play in the tournament. The form includes our waiver, and a section where players can confirm who they would like to play with.

No Team, No Worries!

Individual Players can sign up to play in the tournament without being on a team! Players without a team will be paired with the person who signs up just before, or just after them.

Number of Teams in the Tournament

A total of 16 (2 person) Teams will compete in the tournament. Confirmation that your team's entry has accepted will be provided via email. If there are any questions regarding your entry, or if changes need to be made, please reach out to us at

Date and Time of the Tournament

The day, and start time of the tournament will be communicated to all players once the number of players required for the tournament has been met.

Match Start Times

Match Start Times will be communicated to each team on the day of the tournament. Both members of a team must be present in order to start a match.

Keeping Score

Teams competing in a match are the only ones to keep track of the score. Cancelation Scoring will be used in order to determine how many points a team earns during a round.

Tournament Rules

Disclaimer: We host Cornhole Tournaments because we want to maximize the amount of fun that can be had at our arcade! Our rules are simple so that players focus on having fun while trying to win.

No Fighting or Arguing. The Clutch Effects Tournament Moderator has the ultimate say in any disagreement.

Tournaments are Single Elimination. You lose once and you're out.

After 4 Rounds a Tournament Champion will be crowned.

Each Tournament Champion will be eligible to enter the Tournament of Champions! The Tournament of Champions will follow the same rules, but Champions of the Tournament of Champions will receive prizes from Clutch Effects and our partners!

Tournament Fees

Each Team is responsible for paying $20.

Individual players are responsible for $10.

All Tournament Fees will be collected on the day of the tournament. Cash and Credit Card are accepted.

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