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Color: Yellow-Balance car toy
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  • [USA Brand and Design Patent] We own the USA trademark“XIAOGO”and the product design patent, it is produced and sold by our company.
  • [Lifelong Warranty] Each kitty has a different personality, some kitties could play toys spontaneously, some beauties need the owner to guide them for playing till they understand how to enjoy it well. Our product is tested by Ragdoll、British Shorthair、Maine Coon、Siamese and Felinae, many more else. This is why we guarantee a lifelong warranty. If there is any problem with the product, only need to click “Contact us“, We would love to offer you a replacement or full refund.
  • [Tumbler kitty toy it is] Kitty touched the product lightly, it can shake forward and back irregularly, never turn over. When kitty pushed it ,the toy can move by itself without any electric drive.
  • [This is the catnip toy] A high-content mint ball is placed inside the transparent shell, it brings kitty more happy feeling, the mint ball can be put or taken freely.
  • [This the kitty toy with sound] This is a squeaky cat toy When the cat touches it, the toy can swing back and forth and make bird sounds, which attracts the cat’s interest in playing. The toy has the function of turning on and off the sound. If you or your cat don't like the sound made by the toy, you can take the sounding ball out of the middle of the product.

Product Description

Do you know, cleverness and be intimate with the owner is not kitty born to be, it all depends on future training!

Nothing is better than a toy to train a clever kitty! Are you using teasing stick、 hands or socks to tease your lovely one? If you say so, then you are left behind! There is a toy that kitty could entertain itself, it’s a must choice for kitty-owners. A toy that makes all types all ages crazy about, this is the epic design in kitty pet toys industry!

The toy is designed as non-failing, the Gravity Balance System is installed inside,kitty needs a lightly touch to the toy, then it will shake ahead and behind, no need electricity for supporting. Also, you can put the toy horizontally, the teasing ball can be rolling 360 degrees under kitty’s touching, change it into wheel game. No matter swinging or rolling the teasing ball, it always has a very deeply attraction for kitty. Let the kitty release the nature of hunting, only 1 seconds, kitty will fall in love with it!

This toy is designed based on kitty’s nature hunting. Top of the toy is kitty’s favorite teasing ball, matched with special design wave-shaped soft rubber rod, all possible ways to make different angels shaking bending and rebounding come true. Inside this toy, we installed a voice device, it will stimulate kitty hunting object’s sound. It will lead kitty to have billions interests for our toy. For sure, anytime you would like to turn the sound off, just need to rotate the top transparent shell of toy main body, bring the sound device off. You can use the gifted high-concentration catnip ball as a replacement as well, that’s another way of catching kitty’s heart, let kitty relax.

Toy is made of very safe ABS material, pollution free, bite-free, soft touch without sharp points, protecting our baby kitty boss from all possible ways getting hurt or ate by mistake during playing! Wave-shaped soft rubber rod is made of special material, bending-free and not easy to break. Handle any type damage or rough enjoyment from our boss is just a piece of cake!

We suggested that when you received new toy, you can play with kitty as a guide some time, it not just avoids kitty stress response but also the gentle way of sharing and enjoying will let kitty get closer to you even love you deeply. Only need 20-30mins to accompany kitty and later your kitty figured out new way to play. Even you will find out kitty wiser.

Are you looking forward to having such a perfect cat? During play time never bite my hands or even treat your feet as hunting objects, respond when the owner called their name or understand simple easy command;it will express the needs of being hungry, thirsty or company…… Do not say this is impossible! This spotless kitty is our own kitty! It came to our home 3 months old, now it already more than 7 months. When the first time it arrived home, it just a naughty kid messed around, I desperately need to buy tons of toys for burning off excess energy. Half hour every day, only 4 months, the increasing of intelligence obvious. Not only recognize toys and goods but also only take less than 3mins to figure out the new toy. In the whole process of growing up, it will be more intelligent! The owner should pay more attention in kitty’s IQ and mental health! May your kitty always surrounded by happiness and healthy life!

1.What’s the material of this product? How’s it smell? What is the size?

Answer: This product is made of green and harmless ABS material, which is healthy and non-toxic, without any smell. The size is: Length :2.5 in Width: 2.24in Height :7.19in

2. Will our cats be afraid of this toy?

Answer: Our cats will not be afraid of this toy. We suggested that the kitty-owner to guide and teach our cute baby how to play this toy as a company. It will make the emotional connection stronger between the owner and the pet.

3.Is there a risk for cats to play your toys?

Answer: This toy has no specific tiny and sharp parts, so it will not cause our baby to swallow any parts by mistake or even the damage to the skin. A very safe cat toy!

4. Is the toy durable? Is that possible to use it for a long time?

Answer: Our toy is made of ABS material, which is h.ealthy non-toxic and not easily to destroy, easy use no damage for anything at all.

5. How long is the product w.arranty? If there is any problem with product, what kind of after-sales s.ervice will the seller provide?

Answer: We provide the lifelong w.arranty. If there’s damaged or kitty doesn’t enjoy it anymore, we will replace it with a new toy for free or give the full r.efund to our customer.There’s any chance you are looking for our customer s.ervice, please don’t hesitate send us a message.You are welcome anytime!

6. Which country is our product manufactured?

Our product has a t.rademark in the United States: XIAOGO, the t.rademark number: NO.90-024,456 is designed by American company and produced by Chinese factory.

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