Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Cat Treats - Chicken Giblets, Pet Food (6 Bags)

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This is for 6 Bags of Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Cat Treats - Chicken Giblets! We sell these products in bags of 6 so that your purchase qualifies for free shipping! :)

Below is more information about this product!

  • REAL CHICKEN GIBLETS: Chicken organs like hearts and livers are nutritious treats for your cat, naturally rich in vitamins and minerals. Plus, kitties love the taste of real chicken giblets!
  • NO SNEAKY ADDITIVES: Thanks to our limited ingredient panel, there’s no artificial fillers, additives or preservatives in these healthy cat treats — just the nutritious chicken giblets your cat loves!
  • FREEZE-DRIED CAT TREATS: Your little hunter craves real protein! These simple and natural treats for cats are made from real, raw chicken giblets, freeze-dried to retain their freshness and nutrients.
  • NO GRAINS, JUST GOODNESS: These grain free cat treats are perfect for kitties on a grain free or gluten free diet. Replace your carb-heavy baked treats with a cleaner and healthier snack for your cat.
  • CAT TREATS FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Reward your kitty for being your good little buddy with yummy cat snacks. Use our treats in puzzle toys, between meals or even for training if you’re feeling ambitious!

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