"The Vineyard Grove" Hat in Meadow Green, Fashion & Accessories, Men's Fashion

Title: Large
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WILD HORSE HATTERY presents "The Vineyard Grove" in the color of meadow green. It is a rich color and reminds us of nature and the beautiful world around us. This hat kind of has an old world charm and elegant look to it...but ready to go with you on many new adventures. It is classy hat and simply stunning. It is very comfortable to wear and certainly perfect for any outdoor fun outing. Whether it be wine tasting, grape stomping, a romantic walk, or sitting outside on the patio on a beautiful day with friends....this will be a great hat to wear and will quickly become a favorite of yours. In the country or in the city you will look intriguing, mystical, and worldly in this great hat. It shouts that you love the outdoors and love life. These fabulous hats are designed in the USA and carefully handcrafted by our expert artisan. They come with our signature natural braided leather hatband and exquisite inside label. Carpe diem!...Seize the day in this special hat! Order today....Adventure awaits!

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