"The Vineyard Grove" Hat in Chardonnay, Fashion & Accessories, Men's Fashion

Title: Large
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WILD HORSE HATTERY presents "The Vineyard Grove" hat in the color of chardonnay! Like a fine wine, this wonderful hat continues to get better and better over time. As you wear it, you will begin to love it more and more. These great quality hats will be around with you for many years to come and will most likely become a piece you will treasure and make many special memories in! It is a gorgeous, simply stunning hat and you will absolutely look fabulous wearing it! Whether it is a stroll through the vineyard on a beautiful day, or sipping a glass of chardonnay with friends, or wearing to an elegant party,...you will absolutely love wearing this stylish hat! It is a fabulous hat year round with such a rich, breathtaking, light, beautiful color....Great in the summer, spring, and fall...and also fabulous with a winter white outfit or coat as well! This hat is extremely versatile and you can be as casual or as dressy as you want in this one. Our fine felt wool hats are designed in the USA and are specially handcrafted by our expert artisan. The are accompanied by our great signature natural leather braided hatband and exquisite inside label! Unleash your adventurous spirit in this one and get out there and enjoy the beautiful days!.....Adventure awaits!

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