TCHO: Chocolate Milk Bar Cinnamon Spice, 2.5 oz

Sale price$4.29


The warm spices and crunchy sugar crystals in this bar evoke memories of munching on cinnamon sugar toast while watching Saturday morning cartoons in your PJs. Even if your memories are circa 20+ years ago, the flavors in this bar are anything but dated. The complex flavors drift over your tongue in a wave of rich fudgy caramelized milk chocolate. That initial rush of chocolate makes way for the swirling warmth of Korintje cinnamon, followed up by a cresting swell of heat from cayenne and ancho chilies. Each component in Cinnamon Spice builds and crashes into the next flavor for a sublime chocolate journey that is sure to bring some extra sophistication to your next Netflix binge (because if your snack gets an upgrade, your TV selection should too).

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