Smart Cat Ball Toys USB Charging

Color: Pink
Sale price$28.00


Keep your cat entertained while you're away with Smart Cat Ball Toys. Now it's simple and easier than ever to give your furry friend endless fun with this electric ball set. With its easy-to-use design, Smart Cat Ball Toys are designed to provide hours of entertainment for cats with a single charge. To activate, simply plug the ball into any USB port, unplug and then push the power button on top. That's all it takes and before you know it, Smart Cat Ball Toys will be disappearing around corners for hours of chasing after! The electric motors inside the balls give cats a stimulating and exciting form of playtime that won't quit until you want it to. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your kitty has something fun to do during the day so they don't get bored or lonely in your absence. Make sure your feline friend stays entertained wherever you go – pick up Smart Cat Ball Toys today!

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