Roscos Comforts Foot Furnace Bed Slippers

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This Foot Furnace Bed Slipper is the ultimate in keeping your feet warm. It’s not a sock not a traditional slipper and no microwaving or electricity is required it's a unique Individual sleeping bag just for feet and one size fits all. The uniqueness of Foot Furnace is that it uses the same principles as a sleeping bag or a down jacket but in a high-quality Bed Slipper. Made from quality breathable quilted nylons and two Velcro straps allow for adjustment to make any foot size comfortable in this Bed Slipper. One size fits all up to approximately size 11.


  • Designed to be worn in bed
  • Breathing permeable nylon
  • Machine washable
  • No foot perspiration
  • No transpiration
  • No heat dissipation
  • No need to reheat
  • Designed largely so you can wear socks under if extra cold
  • Use when sitting or in bed
  • One size fits all up to approximately size 11


30 Day Warranty





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