NELSON BACH: Rescue Plus Fresh Mint Gum Natural Flavor, 25 pc

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The RESCUE® family of products combines the original flower essences discovered by Dr. Bach in the 1930’s to provide support in times of emotional demand.The individual flower eccences used in RESCUE REMEDY® are still made at Dr. Bach's former home in Mount Vernon, Oxfordshire using method developed by Dr. Bach over 70 years ago.Our RESCUE® range combines five Bach™ Original Flower Remedies all of which are uniquely sourced directly from the original gardens identified personally by Dr. Bach close to where he lived and worked in Oxfordshire.The system of plant and flower-based essences was developed in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, a physician and homeopath who was convinced that emotional wellbeing was the key to overall health. He spent many years exploring the use of flowers and plants to develop his simple gentle system of 38 flower essences. He then set up The Bach Centre in Oxfordshire, England where we continue to prepare the essences exactly as he did.  

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