Multifunctional LED Flashlight + Car Emergency Escape- 5-in-1 Tool Kit

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Color: Stainless Steel
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Even though you're not always thinking "What's the worst that could happen?" it's always wise to be prepared. Having this 5-in-1 Multifunctional LED Emergency Flashlight stored in your car is a smart way to prepare for the unexpected. This emergency device includes an LED flashlight dual USB port car charger 3300mAh power bank safety hammer and seatbelt cutter. You can use this tools to help yourself and others break out of emergency situations. Keep it in your car your attic or other area so you can always reach for it if something bad were to happen. Stay safe and order this great deal today!


  • 5-in-1 KIT—Combines the LED flashlight Dual USB port car charger 3300 mAh power bank safety hammer and seat belt cutter into one for using in different emergency situations. It is a great device to have in your cars at all times also a thoughtful gift for the road trip lover in your life
  • Rechargable LED flashlight—The rechargeable CREE XPG2-R5 flashlight has an easy push button control with 4 modes: High Low Strobe SOS .It also comes with a coiled USB charging cable and 2 interchangeable light cones the orange cone for SOS and white one for Pathfinder at night
  • Dual USB charger—The back end of the flashlight comes apart and it is a dual USB car charger with 5V/3.4A output with built-in smart IC it can intelligently detect the input charging current of your devices and then charge them by the fastest and safest way. Ideal for powering your iPhone Android smartphone MP3 player iPad tablets and other USB devices in your car
  • Emergency power bank—The Flashlight can also serve as an emergency power bank with 3300 mAh capacity.Taking the car charger part off there are 2 hidden USB ports in the flashlight the USB male port is for charging the flashlight and the USB female port is 5V/1.0A for charging your cell phones
  • Safety hammer and cutter—On the end of the flashlight there is a sharp point which made of tungsten steel for breaking glass windows in case you get trapped inside your cars and the stainless steel seat belt cutter for fast exit in emergencies while keeping your hands protected with the protective shielding and it's U shape design


1 Year Warranty





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