Lovinpup Punching Ball Cat Toy with Scratch Pad, Interactive Fun and Entertaining Cat Toy, Great for Cats of All Types and Sizes , Pet Supplies

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  • GREAT FUN FOR ALL CATS - Cats love the LovinPup Punching Ball Cat Toy! The UNIQUE DESIGN will keep your cat entertained for hours. Watch your pet get excited with all the great features our toy has.
  • COLORED ATTRACTIVE RIBBONS - As your cat plays, the colorful ribbons wave around making a WHIRLWIND OF FUN for your cat. The bright colors make the toy even more fun, adding a visual aspect and encouraging your cat to hit the toy again and again.
  • SCRATCH PAD BASE - While your cat is busy punching and playing with the ball, he/she can scratch away at the pad. Cats love to scratch all the time. What can be better than a toy with a scratch pad included? KEEPS YOUR FURNITURE SCRATCH-FREE and your cat will love it!
  • DURABLE AND STURDY - Our LovinPup cat toy is made for punching! It will last through all punches and hits from your cat. The spring will simply bounce back and forth from the force of the punches, and will not break or bend like some other cheap cat toys.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT - Know anyone with a cat? Our LovinPup Punching Ball Cat Toy is an excellent gift choice. With all the great features, the owner and the cat will not be let down. Send it to a loved one, neighbor, or friend and make their day!

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