IANS NATURAL FOODS: Whole Grain Gluten Free Organic Chicken Nuggets, 8 oz

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Chicken Patty Fritters Ian's Organic Chicken Nuggets are made with free-range**, white meat chicken that are battered and breaded in Ian's very own gluten-free whole grain breading for a delicious crispy crunch the whole family will enjoy! We only use chickens raised without antibiotics or hormones* and Ian's organic chicken nuggets do not contain preservatives, artificial ingredients, flavors or colors. Just god, wholesome ingreients and 22 whole grams of nutritious gluten free whole grains per serving, dispelling the notion that gluten free means grain free! That's what we call Trust made Simple. You and your family can trust Ian's organic chicken nuggets at meal or snack time, at parties or watching the big game. Perfect for dipping in your favorite sauce like BBQ, honey-mustard and buffalo style! Try them alongside Ian's gluten-free Onion Rings! We know managing food allergies isn't simple. With Ian's it can Be! **Chicken flock was provided sheleter in a building, room, or area with unlimited access to food, fresh water, and continuous access to the outdoors during their production cycle.

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