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  • 【Amazon Alexa's Smart Watch】: This Men Watch supports Alexa wake up and voice input, Information inquiry service, Smart home control. Ensure that the connected device must also support the Alexa voice function. Then you can use Alexa to get access to weather, news, information, turn on/off the TV/radio/air conditioner via voice commands, and so on.
  • 【Heart Rate/Blood Oxygen Saturation/Sleep Monitor】: This woman watch includes more practical functions. Such as 24/7 monitor your real-time heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, step counter, calories burned, sleep stage, stress monitoring, breath training, active time, distance data.
  • 【Men Women Fitness Watch Track Your Workout】: HAFURY Android smartwatch supports 14 sports modes with music control, stopwatch, and timer. It can easier to monitor your exercise duration, distance, calorie consumption, etc. You can track GPS routes via your smartphone.
  • 【Smart Reminders via1.69"Touch Screen Watch】: Check incoming calls and messages via big screen smartwatch, with other useful functions such as alarm, weather forecast, drink water reminder, excessive exercise heart rate reminder, automatic motion recognition.
  • 【Compatible with Android &iOS and Custom Watch Faces】: This waterproof smartwatch can work with iOS 9.0/Android OS 6.0 and above, and Bluetooth 5.0 or later. Enjoy a variety of cool watch faces with custom dials with a screen that features. It also can automatically reduce brightness at night.

Product Description

2021 Christmas Gifts for Men Women!

  • HAFURY 1.69" Full Touch Screen Smart Watch with 30 Days Standby
  • Auto-measurements

Heart rate measurement, Blood oxygen measurement, Stress measurement

  • Daily Activity Monitoring

Heart rate monitoring, Sleep monitoring, Step monitoring, Calorie monitoring, Distance monitoring, Stress monitoring, Active time, Wear testing

  • Smart Reminder

Incoming call, SMS notification, Excessive exercise heart rate reminder, App push reminder, Alarm reminder, Sedentary reminder, Target reaching reminder, Low battery reminder, Drink water reminder, Bluetooth disconnect reminder, Women's Health

  • Alexa Voice

Alexa wake up(Wake up Alexa by long-pressing the physical button; you can wake up Alexa by the icon); Voice input(Enter the listening interface for voice input); Alexa service(You can use Alexa to get weather, get news, open local alarms and other local applications)

  • Other Functions

3 Days weather forecast, Stopwatch, Timer, Bright screen duration setting(5-20S), Music control(Additional support for volume addition and subtraction), Restore factory settings, Scan code binding, Automatically reduce brightness at night, Configure watch function interface, Restart, Firmware information, 5ATM Waterproof (more over than IP68)

  • 14 Types Exercise Function

Smart competitor, Outdoor running, Indoor walking, Outdoor walking, Indoor running, Outdoor cycling, Spinning bike, Cricket, Hiking, Swimming, Open swimming, Yoga, Rowing machine, Elliptical trainer, Fitness, Automatic motion recognition

  • 1.69" square colorful screen smartwatch
  • 5 ATM waterproof fitness tracker with Alexa function
  • Connecting the GPS to your mobile phone can track all your workout routes
  • This women's watch can be compatible with the Phone's OS: iOS 9.0+&Android 6.0+; BT5.0.
  • The USB cable comes with a magnetic port that can connect the smartwatch easily and quickly for charging.
  • Support: Swipe right to return to the previous page, Lift the wrist, Lower the wrist
  • 15 types of Language: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese...
  • Basic function module: Clock, date display(12/24H); Multi-dial( Support cloud dial, wallpaper dial); OTA upgrade

Blood Oxygen Saturation

Manually detect your Blood Oxygen(SpO2) level and automatically detect Stress status data to help you keep an eye on your health status; The watch will remind you to relax when your Stress data over 80; You can use breath training to relax.

24/7 Heart Rate Monitor

You can choose your heart rate to be monitored automatically or manually. And our smart watch automatically keeps track of your heart rate during your workouts, allowing you to know when you can push yourself a bit more

3 Days Weather Forecast

After the watch is connected in the 'Veryfit' app and the weather notification turns on, this smartwatch can display the current weather and weather information of the next two days. Note:It will not be updated after disconnection.

Alexa Voice Control

Just talk to Amazon Alexa on your waterproof smartwatch, you can easily get news, check the weather and Amazon shopping list, control smart home devices

Smart Notifications

Receive and read all messages straight to your smartwatch. You can receive call alerts, also reject calls directly via your men's watch.

Sleep Tracking

HAFURY smart watch automatically records your sleep, including deep, light, and awake sleep, and produces a comprehensive analysis of your sleep quality and ways you can improve it.

3 Level Brightness Adjustment

1.69" TFT colorful full touch screen and smooth touch screen. And easy to adjust the screen brightness according the daily using.

Long Battery Life

Just charge women watch for 2.5hrs and enjoy up to 10 days of usage time allowing you to get through your day without having to recharge.

Music Control

Play/pause, skip tracks, right on your Alexa watch. Steps to Enable Music Control

1) Go to the "Device" page in your Veryfit app and tap "Music Control".

2) Enable the function and tap "√" to save your settings.


HAFURY Smart Watch Note: You can check more Notification settings on the Listing page->Product guides and documents->FAQ (PDF)

Amazon Alexa Tips:

  1. You need to log in to your Amazon account to be able to use the Amazon Alexa function.
  2. You need to make sure your internet connection is stable, should your internet connection be slow or unstable you may experience a delay in Alexa's response time, or Alexa may not be able to recognize your voice command.
  3. When using Alexa, Veryfit must be running in the background.
  4. When you making a voice command, please make sure you speak into the device mic, Alexa needs to hear your command clearly.

Veryfit App Download:

  1. Note: Please download and connect to the Veryfit app(Not VeryFitPro). It is recommended to scan the QR code in your user manual or download the correct app via the Google Play or App Store by searching "Veryfit"

Connect to the Your phone :

  1. Turn on Veryfit app--Activate Bluetooth connection on your phone--Search on the app for the device to pair with(or scan the QR code on the device)--Finish binding on the app(or on the device) Note: If you do not enter the "Select Device" page, it means that the APP has been connected to other devices. Please follow this path: "Veryfit"-Device-Click "Unbind" at the bottom, and then follow the above operations.

Unable to pair:

  1. Please keep the watch on the screen when pairing, select the correct device type: watch, the wrong selection will cause the Bluetooth name not to be searched;
  2. Use the IOS system to connect to the watch. After unbinding, you need to ignore the device from the system Bluetooth to search for this device again.
  3. If you still fail to bind after repeated attempts, it is recommended to pair and connect in an open area to avoid interference from other devices during pairing.

How to ensure the accuracy of the heart rate and pedometer function?

  1. Heart rate monitoring: In principle, the click heart rate test requires wearing tight, static, and silent; when the click heart rate test is worn loose, talking or slightly moving, it will lead to poor signal quality, resulting in slow, no value, or heart rate Value fluctuations and other issues. When measuring, place your arms flat, relax and stand still, and make sure that the watch is close to your arm.
  2. Step counting function: When setting personal information, be sure to fill in all the information honestly and accurately! Including gender, height, weight, age, these slight inaccuracies will directly affect the data capture of the acceleration sensor, and further impress the algorithm calculation. The result is inaccurate step counting, incorrect distance data, and inaccurate calorie consumption. Get inaccurate data. In addition, your swing posture, stride length, road surface smoothness, uphill and downhill will all affect your step count.

No message reminder or call reminder:

  1. The smart reminder function and call reminder switch need to be turned on in the APP and need to be synchronized to the watch. IOS needs to be set in the system.
  2. The mobile phone settings notification management menu authorizes apps such as veryfit and message to allow message and other APP information to be pushed to the mobile notification bar, and allows veryfit to fetch information pushed by messages from the mobile notification bar, and then transmit it to the watch via Bluetooth.
  3. Start the management or power-saving management menu on the phone, and set it to allow APPs such as Veryfit and message to work in the background without being killed.
  4. Open the notification list in Veryfit and allow the watch to receive information.
  5. Do not set the DND mode on the app and mobile phone.

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