GLOBAL: Pita Plain Chip, 10 oz, Grocery

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A High-Volume Commercial Bakery Specializing In Bagels, Flatbreads, Croissants, Pita Bread and Pita Chips. Products are available that are made with only all-natural, non-genetically modified ingredients. Global Bakeries Inc. is one of the largest specialty bakeries privately owned in the western half of United States. Employing more than 150 employees in their state of art bakery facility in Pacoima, California. The bakery was totally customized and built by its owner and acting president Albert Boyajian in 1985. Albert’s in-depth knowledge and baking expertise combined with old world baking traditions, new state of the art computerized equipment that can produce super premium bakery items in mass production format. The potential and further growth and expansion is unlimited! Global Bakeries Inc.’s is directly related to the high quality control standards that are employed throughout every department in the entire company. We establish routine control testing throughout the day and evening that ensures us of accomplishing the performance profiles that are required. Daily inspections insure the cleanliness of all process production equipment. At Global Bakeries Inc. you will always receive the very best tasting products in the market with superior shelf life. Global Bakeries Inc. has baked specialty products for over 25 years and with a committed focus on quality and service, still our top two priorities. Global Bakeries Inc. has one goal … and that is to satisfy our customers!

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