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  • 🐱17 PACK: This is a magical mouse, loved by cats all over the world. There are 17 mouses in the set. This toy can relieve the cat’s mood, eliminate boredom, and make the cat have endless fun
  • 🐈NEW UPGRADE: The eyes are upgraded to cloth material, more safer. Originally made of plastic material, it will fall off after playing for a period of time, and cats are in danger of swallowing by mistake
  • 🐭FEATHER TAIL: The mouse tail is made of natural feathers, and the feather toys are also cat’s favorites
  • 🐁RUSTLE: There are small rocks inside the mouse, which will make a faint rustling sound, which can attract the cat’s attention more
  • 🐀CATNIP TOYS: This mouse has the scent of catnip, which will make the cat crazy. If the scent fades, you can sprinkle some catnip powder to re-stimulate the cat’s interest

Product Description

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About why we sell this mouse suit:

We sold a very popular cat interactive toy before, at that time, we added this mouse as a gift in the package. As a result, we received a lot of customer feedback and kept asking us where they can buy this mouse? Their cat was very fascinated by the mouse and asked why we did not sell the mouse suit separately? After receiving a large number of customer emails, we decided to sell this mouse suit separately, hoping that this new FYNIGO cat toys mouse can be loved by everyone again.

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