Every-Day Tummy Control Thong

Color: Beige
Size: 3XL
Sale price$19.00


Introducing Glamshy's Every-Day Tummy Control Thong. Experience complete comfort and confidence every day with this revolutionary thong. With its ability to shape your waist and tummy, you're sure to look good no matter the outfit! The piece is made of incredibly stretchy and soft material that gives you a seamless look all day long. Plus, it features 360° body sculpting for a truly unique experience like no other. Forget about those dreaded muffin top and panty lines - Every-Day Tummy Control Thong from Glamshy will keep everything looking great, and make your more outfits simpler than ever before. Don't miss out - upgrade your closet today with Glamshy's Every-Day Tummy Control Thong!

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