COCONUT SECRET: Organic Caribbean Crunch White Chocolate & Toasted Coconut, 2.25 oz

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Evolving the Taste of Gourmet Chocolate Coconut Secret partnered with a premier multi-generation chocolatier, to create the first-ever artisanal chocolate sweetened with our own low glycemic Coconut Crystals. The end result surpassed even our expectations, adding rich, caramel-like notes never before experienced in chocolate. Add to that the perfect fusion of crunchy Toasted Coconut... and true sensory magic happens! We humbly believe that these amazing chocolate bars will thrill even the most discerning palate. Preserving the Integrity of the Bean Each bar is made with its own varietal cacao bean from a single known geographic origin (hence the term "single-origin"). Each origin of cacao reflects the specific soil and region where it was grown and harvested. Single-origin chocolates have unique flavor tones, as is also characteristic of single-origin fine wines and gourmet coffees. The certified organic, fair trade cacao beans specially selected for each of our single-origin bars, was chosen for its synergistic and complementary relationship to the distinctive flavor profiles of Coconut Crystals and Toasted Coconut. Simple, Pure Ingredients The simplicity of our Chocolate Coconut Crunch Bars stands out as one of our proudest accomplishments. Unlike other popular chocolate bars on the market, we do not use cane sugar or soy lecithin in our ingredients. Our Caribbean White Bar deserves special mention for its true, natural color. Unlike other white chocolate, we use non-deodorized cocoa butter that does not undergo heat bleaching during the deodorization process. And because of the true tan color of our Coconut Crystals, our white chocolate isn't actually "white" at all! So don't be surprised when you open the wrapper ~ we promise the taste will exceed your expectations!

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