Clear Choice Multi-function Ratchet Screwdriver - 2 Pack

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If you are like most people and can never find the right screwdriver bit when you need it then this is the tool for you! This Thumbs up Driver Ratchet is a six-bit screwdriver that changes bits with a simple slide of a button. This tool eliminates the need to dig through your toolbox looking for the right screwdriver because all six bits are stored right in the driver handle. All you need to do is use your thumb and slide a bit into place. Then no need to twist your wrist if you use the ratchet feature. Just turn the black knob at the base for power driving! It is a simple single-handed operation and features a clear front cone for easy bit selection. The screwdriver bits include the Phillips~ Flat~ Robertson and 1 drill bit; for a variety of chores. The removable ratchet can be used as a pocket socket and adaptor. This product will be one of the best additions to your toolbox. It does the work of many tools and clears up a lot of space. You will simply LOVE this tool and will use it constantly



  • 12-bits total (magnetic)
  • Flexible extension tool
  • ratchet driver and adapter
  • Storage pouch with belt loop
  • Ratcheting function w/reverse
  • drill bit


30 Day Warranty





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