BOBS RED MILL: Quick Cooking Rolled Oats, 32 oz

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Just like our steel cut and Scottish oatmeal, these quick-cooking oats are made from 100% whole grain oat groats. Nothing is removed during processing, which means you get all of the nutritional benefits of the bran, endosperm and germ in your bowl. The soft, creamy texture of this oatmeal is so flavorful and indulgent, you almost forget it's packed with fiber and plant-based protein! The high fiber content of oatmeal may help reduce the risk of heart disease-whether you eat steel cut, extra thick or regular oatmeal. But our quick oats are the perfect balance of flavor and convenience. Use them to make overnight oats in the fridge, or create your own recipe for a dry oatmeal mix: place oats in an airtight container and toss in chia or flaxseeds, nuts and dried fruit. In the morning, scoop 1/2 cup into a bowl or mug, add steaming hot water and let stand for 1 minute. Delicious oatmeal in a flash!

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