Automatic Cat Toys 2000mAh Indoor Irregular Interactive Pet Toys USB Charging 360 Degree Self-Rotating Ball, Interactive Cat Toys with Mouse and 3 Feathers are Available on All Floors/Blankets , Pet Supplies

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  • 😻This interactive cat toy is designed with 4 operation modes (automatic walking, interaction with cat, continuous standby, touch interaction)
  • 😻This automated cat toys is made of highly durable qualified ABS material. You don't have to worry about cat toys being scratched or bitten by the cat. The feather rod is made of specially adjusted nylon material, and the cat keeps biting. It is very durable. The tires are wrapped in rubber, and there is almost no sound when working.
  • 😻This interactive cat toy uses a built-in 2000 mAh lithium battery as a power source, a USB universal charging port, and automatic cat toy can be fully charged in 3 hours, and can work continuously for 7 days without electricity. If you close at night, it will take 14 days.
  • 😻This the cat exercise wheel has two independent working motors, irregular scrolling with LED color-changing lights, detachable feathers, your cat will like it very much. The interactive cat toys can roll on the carpet. The auto-rotating cat toy will keep your pets busy and make them stand up and move. When the indoor cat tries to catch a moving ball, exercise more. Your cat will love to play with this kitten toy!
  • 😻Colorful feather tails will bring different fun to your pet. You can also DIY some clanking tails on it. Cats will like them very much.

Product model
The cat toy is designed with 4 operating modes: 1) self-propelled, 2) interactive, 3) standby; after 2 minutes of self-running, the cat toy automatically quickly enters the interactive mode, and works for 2 minutes at the same time, then the cat toy interacts and enters self-running again 2 minutes; these two modes work alternately for 20 minutes. When the product runs for a period of time, the cat touches the product. After the product is touched by the cat, the toy will start to run again, thus reaching the interactive link and enhancing The product and cat interactive and interesting cat fur toys were launched.
Two speeds to adapt to different environments
with two speed modes to choose from: 1) low-speed gear, 2) high-speed gear; low-speed gear can drive normally, high-speed gear can pass without obstacles on thick blankets
Large capacity battery
Low power consumption, 2000mAh large-capacity battery, can work for 168 hours in the default mode.
Built-in sensor
The powerful sensor chip recognizes various scenes and obstacles, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck.
Colorful LED lights
LED color changing lights replace lasers to protect your cat’s eyes and attract more cats’ attention.
Dual drive automatic rotation
This interactive cat toy is a 360-degree rotation sports ball with built-in dual motor drives

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