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  • 😻【2-IN-1 Cat Feather Toy & Cat Ball Toy】😻This cat toys combines the cat's favorite elements--Cat Ball & Cat Feather Wand. ​Comes with one cat feathers and one cat ball, can attract multiple cats to battle the feather. And no matter how the cat pats the toy, cat feather toy will not fall down. It also frees your hands and solves the difficulty that you can’t play with multiple cats at the same time.
  • 🍀【Cat Toy Leaked Food Design】🍀Cat snacks can be loaded by opening the top cover, which can be added at any time during the interaction between you and your pet, food will flow out when the cat puzzle toy is tilted, which is very convenient! The large and rounded upper cover makes it more comfortable to open. The cat can sway cat toys for indoor cats back and forth, the food will folw out, which attract more interest from the cat.
  • 🌸【Automatic Cat Toy】🌸This interactive cat toys will provide optimal mental and physical stimulation for your furry friend and help prevent boredom and anxiety while you’re busy or at work. With 2 collision-against silicone wheels, this interactive cat toy for cats can easily run through on carpet and smooth floor, which keep your cats busy and get more exercise when they try to catch.
  • 🌈【High Quality Cat Toys】🌈Size: 5.3 inches x 3.9 inches. Tumbler cat toy interactive ball is made of safe and environmentally friendly ABS plastic material, tasteless and healthy, interactive cat toys is equipped with a counterweight at the bottom, so it won’t fall over no matter how the cat uses it. Because the cat activity toys will strongly attract cats to play, it is recommended to play for 20-30 minutes each time. Playing for too long will overdraft the cat's stamina a lot.
  • 🎁【Ideal Cat Toys for Indoor Cat】🎁A cat toys can keep your cat moving around and getting some exercise. Want to ensure that your cat gets their daily dose of exercise? Start with this smart cat toy. This cat toy for indoor cats satisfies all the needs of cats and is difficult to malfunction. We offer 180 DAYS Quality Guaranteed for all pet lovers, as we're so sure that you and your pet will love this 2 in 1 cat automatic toy.

Product Description

Easy to Clean Cat Toys

This toy is simple to disassemble so that the shell can be cleaned quickly and easily. We know how important it is to keep your cat happy and healthy, that’s why we’ve designed it so that cleaning is as easy as possible.

Cat Toys Leaked Food Design

The cat toys snacks can be loaded by opening the top cover, food will flow out when the toy is tilted, Its very convenient for cat.

Cat Feather / Balls Toy

This cat fur toy with 1 ball wand with detachable 1feather to make your cat want to play, it makes it an even more exciting toy for your pet.

Why choose us?

Cat Feather Toys Tumbler

When your cat appears to be sick, obese, or lonely, you need cat toys to heal your cats and make your cat healthy. We did not use electric design, because the electric drive problem of current electric cat toys is not well solved, and it is easy to malfunction. We use conventional design and never worry about the toy without electricity. At the same time, its tumbler function is better.

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