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ARMOURDILLO - PPE, Antimicrobial Seat Covers are Water-Proof, Reusable and Recyclable, our products make it easy for individuals and families stay protected everywhere. SEAT Covers protect travelers and the places they visit while away from home. From planes, trains, and automobiles to stadiums, public venues, and hotels, our antimicrobial SEAT and PILLOWCASE Covers are designed to protect our customers from unknown germs, microorganisms, viruses, and wet surfaces. Our Seat Covers are packed in biodegradable pouches. 


·        Reinforced Seatbelt Openings

·        Anti-Microbial

·        Recyclable Fabric

·        45 GSM

·        Waterproof

·        Easy Installation

·        Universal Fit for Planes, Transit and Stadiums

·        Multiple Trip and Event Usages

·        Biodegradable Packaging

·        Private Labeling Available 

Breathable, comfortable, recyclable fabric - For protection against microorganisms, viruses, wet and unsanitary conditions. Can be used multiple times and washed on a light cycle. However, the seat cover fabric is not designed to be used over a long period of usage. 

EASY TO INSTALL:  Elastic is sewn into the seat covers for a secure and a tight fit - Universal fit for most Planes, Transit, and Stadium seats.
(1) Place and fit the top of the seat cover over the top of the seat. Part of the fabric will cover the back of the seat at the very top to help hold the seat cover in place
(2) Cover the front of the seat cushion, while the seat cushion is in its upright position
(3) Place the seat cushion down, allowing seat cover to fully open and cover the entire seat 
(4) Cover the arm rests, with the attached arm rest covers
(5) Pull seatbelts through the openings and buckle as normal
(6) Enjoy a clean and safe trip or event


PRIVATE LABELING:  Private Labeling is available for all ARMOURDILLO products. Depending on the project there could be minimum production runs and/or setup fees for the private label packaging. Customers will provide the artwork for all products. If the customer does not have the artwork, we can produce it for a fee. 



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