(10 Pack) Stee-Rike 3 Premium Hard Training Baseballs Improve your overall game, Designed for aluminum and wooden bats Sports and Outdoor, Sporting Goods, Outdoor Activities

Count Per Pack: 10
Sale price$16.00


  • Improve your overall game, and focus on your swing.
  • Designed for use with both aluminum and wooden bats.
  • Package includes 2 red curve balls, so you can practice your off-speed pitches and swings.
  • Classic ball design will help you develop strength.
  • Use the same training tools that the pros use.
  • Perfect for any baseball fanatics who want to improve their overall game.


Are you ready to step up your baseball game to the next level with a practical set of training balls Perfect for use with both metal and wooden bats, these Premium Hard Training Balls are sure to improve your swing, develop some strength, and improve your overall game. These training balls have the authentic design and will allow you to practice your game just like your favorite big leaguers. This package comes with two red curve balls so you can even work on your off-speed pitches. From little league to the big leagues, these training balls are perfect for players of all abilities and will allow you to step up your game to the next level.


STEE-RIKE 3 (10 Pack) 3 Premium Hard Training Baseballs:


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