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Vendor Types

Below is a list of Vendor Types that we are looking for to be part of these events. Please submit an inquiry if you do not see a Vendor Type that aligns with the products you sell, or services that you provide. We should be able to work something out! 

  • Tacos, Nachos, and Churros 
  • Gyros/Greek Food
  • Gourmet Hamburgers and BBQ
  • Kettle Corn, and Fresh Baked Cookies
  • Snow Cones and Ice Cream
Canned and Bottled beverages (including bottles of water) will be sold at the event by the event management team. Specialty beverages, including smoothies, coffee drinks (i.e., mochas and frappes), shakes, floats, and milked teas are all permitted!

    Cost and Requirements

    The only cost for a Vendor to be part this event is the $50 Vendor Fee. This fee is due as soon as the Vendor has been approved by the event management team.

      All Vendors must have a City of Chula Vista Business License.

      Vendors selling edible products are required to have a San Diego County Health Permit

      Location and Setup

      It is important that there is ample space for eventgoers near the basketball courts, so Vendors will setup in assigned areas on the grass. 

      Vendors are allowed to setup a maximum of 2 10' x 10' Canopies. Vendors can setup as many tables and chairs as they would like underneath their own canopy or canopies. At the bottom of this page are some pictures of where Vendors will be allowed to setup!

      Only propane is allowed for preparing food.

      All generators need to be placed on top of plywood. They cannot be placed directly on the grass. 

      Generators are permitted but they must be in good operating condition.

      Vendors can begin setting up as early as 8am, and can stay open until 8pm. 

      Vendors must sell their products, or provide their services in their area. No mobile vendors are allowed. 

      All signage (banners, menu boards, etc.) must be approved by the event management team. 


      Vendors are not required to make a donation at the end of the event, but it would be greatly appreciated!

      How to Apply

      We are so excited to work with you and your team!! Let's Go San Diego!!!

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