The Single Stand Toy Vendor machine vends 2-inch capsules to your clientele. These capsules have traditionally been filled with small toys and figurines, but when you partner with Clutch Effects, these capsules can also be filled with coupons for Clutch Effects Bonus Points and Discount Codes! These machines are truly the easiest way to partner with Clutch Effects and create a passive revenue stream!

Features and Specifications

  • All Metal Construction
  • All Metal, drop-through coin mechanism
  • Accepts USA Quarter or Canadian Quarter
  • Removable Cash Box
  • $.50 Coin Mechanism
  • $200 quarter capacity
  • Holds approx. 225 Capsules, Bouncy Balls, Gumballs or Jawbreakers
  • Durable Cast Iron Stand
  • 52" Tall w/ Stand

Gumballs, Jawbreakers, Candy, Capsules and Bouncy Balls sold separately.

Revenue Share Opportunities!

Keep in mind that partnering with Clutch Effects opens up multiple streams of revenue! We can help you earn greater revenues with these machines via brand distribution and advertising! Don't leave guaranteed money on the table! 

Let's get started!