The Bulk Candy & Gumball Vending Machine is the classic eye-catcher, and it delivers the goods every time! It stands 2+ feet tall without the stand, and over 3 and a half feet tall with the stand! Without the stand, place it on a counter or a desk and watch your clientele play for the win! With the stand, place it next to the Single Stand Toy Vendor, or the Eagle Sticker and Tattoo 4 Unit Rack and watch the eyes of your clientele light up! 


  • Set for 25 cent vend
  • All metal drop-through coin mechanism
  • Durable dual processed plastic body
  • Comes with security barrel locks and numbered keys made for our spiral machine.
  • Coin box holds approximately $250 worth of quarters
  • High impact acrylic globe
  • Available in Red or Yellow standard color
  • Vends 850 count or 1080 count gumballs


  • Height: 27 inches (49 inches with optional stand)
  • Base: 12 inch diameter
  • Lexan globe: 10 inch diameter
  • Empty Weight: 15 lbs.

Gumballs, Jawbreakers, Candy, Capsules and Bouncy Balls sold separately.

Revenue Share Opportunities!

Keep in mind that partnering with Clutch Effects opens up multiple streams of revenue! We can help you earn greater revenues with these machines via brand distribution and advertising! Don't leave guaranteed money on the table! 

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